Thursday, August 26, 2010

Congratulations to Nicole S., Winner of the ModernBabyDigs Giveaway! Here's the next one!

Pup and Stroller not included ;)
Nicole, thanks for being a follower and a Fan!  You've won our first ever giveaway, a fantastic Skip Hop Duo Bag, which we know you will enjoy.  Wear it proudly!

For all of you other fans & followers out there, thanks for following and don't worry - you are still in on the fun, we have lots more good times, giveaways and goodies in our near future!  Spread the word, have your friends comment on this post when they become a follower and tell us that you referred them and you will be entered into our next giveaway!  What will it be?  Come back real soon and you will find out!

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