Monday, October 4, 2010

Strollerthon Success!

We've returned from the Strollerthon in Cary, N.C. and first off, a big thanks to Bumbleride!  The Bumbleride Indie raffle brought in quite a bit of money for PES and the winner, Fadra N., was thrilled.  Compliments were abound and everyone was hoping to win the fabulous stroller but in the end, there could be only one!  We have a pretty good feeling that we are going to get a few visits to the site today to check out all the Bumbleride products! 
Bumbleride Indie Raffle
 And because a picture is worth a thousand words, we'll let these do the talking.  Thanks again to all those who supported the 1st Annual Strollerthon to benefit PES, it was a successful event and one we look forward to participating in again.  For more information on Postpartum Education and Support, please click here - let the giving continue!

Registration Line

Winner of the "Largest Team" Award - Stroller Strides

One of the many fun events

Warming up before the start

Let's stroll!

Look at all of the supporters!

What a beautiful venue!

Anne Wimer, Director of PES, & the Winners of the 'Best Decorated Stoller' Award

Anne Wimer, Director of PES and Emcee, Frances Scott of ABC11 Eyewitness News Table

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  1. What an awesome post! Great photos, too!!

    Thanks so much for ALL of your wonderful support for PES and the StrollerThon.

    You guys rock!