Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You Got To Coordinate! Baby Planet and Timi & Leslie Stroller/Diaper Bag Combo

With the amount of time you'll spend with a diaper bag in tow and a stroller for the little one, wouldn't it be nice if they matched?  Who says the essentials should only be functional?  Take a look at the awesome pairing brought to you by Baby Planet, makers of strollers to improve the environment of your child and the planet, and Timi & Leslie, designers of gorgeous convertible and canvas bags. They teamed up to coordinate the gear and the resulting products are fantastic.  We've added them to pokkadots.com, just click on any of the canvas bags and you will see the coordinating stroller listed as a related product after the description. 

Not only are these products stylish but they are conscientious, too.  Baby Planet is doing good things for the environment and those in need by way of a stroller recycle program.  Here are some details about their work:

We at Baby Planet are very concerned with the current state of the environment and the continued overcrowding of landfills by discarded consumer products.  In an effort to reverse this negative trend we would like to help you recycle your Baby Planet product.  Additionally, we would also like to do our part to help families in need by helping you to donate your usable products.
If you feel there is still life left in your stroller, please click the donate button and we'll help you get it to a family in need.
In fact, we'll be happy to accept any brand of stroller and may also have use for other children's products.

So if you are gearing up for baby, stop by pokkadots.com and check out this beautiful combination - you'll be happy you did!  And check back in a few months, the designers are working up some new patterns that are sure to impress and help you style up baby.

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